8th Bosphorus Film Festival invites you to the movie theatres!

8th Bosphorus Film Festival invites you to the movie theatres!

Counting the days for meeting with the cinephiles, Bosphorus Film Festival’s eighth edition poster has been unveiled.

Organized with the contribution of Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism, General Directorate of Cinema, and support of Global Communication Partner; Anadolu Agency, the poster of 8th Bosphorus Film Festival has been revealed, which, this year, will run from 23-30 October. With the hashtag #AgainstAllOdds, 8th Bosphorus Film Festival invites the audiences to Beyoglu and Kadıkoy movie theatres where the screenings will be realized in accordance with the controlled normalization code!

Colors and Dolphin Join at the Festival Poster

Poster designed for the festival’s eight edition features the dolphin of the logo and the colors emphasizing the number “8” attract attention. To embellish the movie theatres and Istanbul streets once again, the poster complements the color harmony with dolphin; symbol of the festival, and marks this year’s slogan #AgainstAllOdds.

This year’s Festival Slogan #AgainstAllOdds

This year’s festival slogan has been identified as #AgainstAllOdds. While the consequences of the pandemic still prevail, the movie theatres were officially opened by July 1st in accordance with the latest, controlled normalization process. In this regard, the festival will realize physical screenings in movie theatres in accordance with the code and precautions determined by the authorities. Bosphorus Film Festival plans to host the festival audiences in movie theatres with a programme re-determined according to COVID-19 precautions. Carrying to its slogan #AgainstAllOdds this determination - despite the pandemic and its negative consequences - to screen the films where they belong; i.e., movie theatres, Bosphorus Film Festival invites all the cinephiles to support cinema & movie theatres and to experience the festival joy all together while employing social distance.  

In addition to physical screenings, all the presentations and activities within Bosphorus Film Lab; the industry side of the festival, will be organized online.


Important Information on COVID-19 Precautions

Screenings within 8th Bosphorus Film Festival to run from 23-30 October, 2020, will be organized in accordance with the precautions according to “General Instructions on the Controlled Normalization Process in Culture and Art Facilities” dated as June 23, 2020 necessitated by Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Directorate General of Investments and Enterprises.

Organized by Bosphorus Culture & Art Foundation, 8th Bosphorus Film Festival will run from 23-30 October in Istanbul.