Short Documentary Film Competition Jury

Kerime Şenyücel

Graduated from the Art History and English Literature department in Istanbul University. Since 1975, she has been working as a producer and documentary filmmaker for TRT (Turkish Public Broadcaster). Her films have been screened and received several awards both in Turkey and abroad. “Zeugma -A Roman Town in Anatolia” (2003) won the best documentary prize from ABU (Asian Broadcasting Union) in Japan, “The Ottomans’ Exile” (2006) won the documentary of the year award of Radio and TV Journalists Association in Turkey, “Fatih -The Man who changed the Destiny of Europe” won honorary award in Altin Safran Documentary Film Festival” (2014) and was screened in Museo Nazionale d’ Arte Orientale in Rome as a joint event of Yunus Emre Institution and Turkish Radio & TV Corporation (TRT). She is married and has two children.

Mohammed Almughanni

He was born in Gaza, Palestine. He is a student at the Polish national film school in Lodz. He directs both documentary and fiction films, a cinematographer and editor for his own documentaries. He are living in Gaza and witnessing the Palestinian/ Israeli conflict through his life made him more sensitive by defending humanitarian matters through his films.

Aysim Türkmen

She is making narrative and documentary films about Istanbul. She has been the producer and the presenter of the radio programme, “Metropolitika” that a programme about politics and culture of Istanbul and other global cities at “Açık Radyo” (Open Radio) for 12 years. She has taught urban anthropology courses at Yıldız Technical University Arts and Design Faculty for 10 years between 2006 – 2015. She is currently working on her new feature length project Rest Home.