Work In Progress Competition Jury

Halil Kardaş

He was born in 1974. Graduated from Yıldız Technical University. He is working in Filmotto Productions as a programmer for film, documentary and TV programmes.

Susana Poveda

She hosts a radio show. She is a member of the Directors' Fortnight selection committee since 2016. The Directors' Fortnight is the most independant section at Cannes Film Festival, meant to find the most exciting films worldwide while keeping its film-lovers and cutting-edge roots.

Mehmet Eryılmaz

After graduating from Radio, Film and TV department in Marmara University, he wrote various film critiques and directed short, experimental, documentary films and also many commercials and video clips as well. His works regarding Turkish music gained recognition with “Nazim Hikmet’s Songs” and “Bedr”. “A Fairground Attraction” is his debut feature and “A Bairam Morning in Istanbul” and “Refik Ahmet Sevengil” are his documentaries. His film “Visitor” won various awards including Jury Special Award and FIPRESCI award in Montreal Film Festival.